El Shaddai Christian School is an independent, co-educational, Christian school situated amongst the rolling hills of the beautiful green suburb of Durbanville, in Cape Town, South Africa.


The school is committed to the Biblical discipling of students accompanied by academic excellence.


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biblical discipling and quality academics


biblical discipling and quality academics


El Shaddai Christian School

IGCSE Awards from 2015


Top in South Africa (June 2015)

Travis Defty  for Mathematics

Travis Defty  for Biology

Inae (Isabel) kim for Accounting


High Achievement (June 2015)

Wouter Kellerman for Computer Science

Moriah-Jane Lorentz for Music


High Achievement (Nov 2015)

Marike Schröder for First Language Afrikaans










*High Achievement is awarded when there is a small number of entries. The learner has the top mark in the country.













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Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards for 2015 exams


Mark Barber, Senior Manager for Cambridge International Examinations in Southern Africa, is pleased to announce the winning candidates from the IGCSE and AS Level examinations in June and November 2015.

AS Level Awards from 2015


High Achievement (June 2015)

Sarah Harris for Music


High Achievement (Nov 2015)

Candace King for Travel and Tourism

*High Achievement is awarded when there is a small number of entries. The learner has the top mark in thcountry.


Mark Barber (Senior Manager – Southern Africa), Moriah Lorentz, Travis Defty, Wouter Kellerman, Erith Budge (Headmaster), Marike Schröder, Inae Kim, Karen Anderson (Deputy – High School Academics)
Sarah Harris
Candace King