El Shaddai Christian School is an independent, co-educational, Christian school situated amongst the rolling hills of the beautiful green suburb of Durbanville, in Cape Town, South Africa.


The school is committed to the Biblical discipling of students accompanied by academic excellence.


biblical discipling and quality academics


biblical discipling and quality academics


El Shaddai Christian School

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under the spotlight

UCT Maths Competition 2018

Michael van Schalkwyk, Haeun Lee, Peter Stead, Franco Hill

Congratulations to Peter Stead from El Shaddai Christian School for his outstanding, consistent achievement in the annual UCT Maths Competition. Peter obtained a Gold award, ranking in the top 10 in his Grade 11 year. This is the fourth year in a row that he has achieved the honour of a Gold award.


In addition, Peter Stead (Gr11), Franco Hill (Gr11), Michael van Schalkwyk (Gr10) and Haeun Lee (Gr9) were invited to take part in the selection round for the Top 250 achievers in the UCT competition. This was further narrowed down with Peter Stead and Haeun Lee being ranked in the top 77 learners overall who took part in an Olympiad.


El Shaddai Christian School has been placed amongst the top 20 schools in the Western Cape for the seventh consecutive year, an outstanding achievement indeed.