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El Shaddai Christian School offers a venue for private candidates to write their Cambridge examinations:


  • IGCSE examinations in May and November
  • AS / A level examinations on request in May / June and November


We offer:


  • A comfortable, quiet exam venue
  • Professional invigilators
  • Scripts sent by courier to CIE
  • A laboratory for Science practical exams
  • A restaurant with coffee / cold drinks and snacks / lunches, etc. between 7:30 and 15:30 each day of the week


Please note that the school is unable to provide tuition to private candidates. We are only able to offer the facility to write the examination. We strongly recommend that home-schooled candidates register with a distance study institution for guidance in preparing for their examinations, for example, one of the following:



For guidance on studying the Cambridge curriculum and writing Cambridge examinations, especially in the home-schooling environment:


Or visit:


Costs for exams to be written in 2014 private candidates:

(Valid for the June 2014 examinations. These amounts will be adjusted according to the exchange rate for the November examinations)

Subject exam fee per IGCSE subject: R715

Subject exam fee per O Level subject: R650

Exam fee per AS OR A2 Level subject: R765

Exam fee per full A Level subject (written in one session): R1250

ESCS administrative fee per component exam paper: R150

ESCS additional fee for a Music recording (30 minutes): R500

ESCS additional fee for Science / Art practical paper: R400 (in the event of only one candidate taking this examination, an extra surcharge will be quoted on application, to cover invigilation)

ESCS additional fee for an oral component (recording): R400

ESCS additional fee for marking of a coursework component: R400


All quotes given will be subject to fluctuations in the exchange forex rate.


Example: A private candidate entering for AS Level Biology will be entered for 3 component papers, one of which is a practical paper. ESCS will invoice him / her for (R765) + (3 X R150) + (1 X R400) = R1615




Accounting exam


Due dates for applications by private candidates to write examinations ESCS in 2014:


The enquiry form should reach the school by:

       Tuesday 11 February 2014 for the May/June exams

       Tuesday 5 August 2014 for the Oct/Nov exams.

Final due date for receipt of payment (May/June exams):

       Monday 17 February 2014

Final due date for receipt of payment (Oct / Nov exams):

       Friday 8 August 2014

Application / enquiry form to be completed and emailed to the email address on the form, after which the school will email a quote and banking details to the sender. Please do not make a payment before receiving the quote. Examination entries will be sent to Cambridge on receipt of the full examination fee.


For more information about entering for Cambridge exams: