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Andrew Murray summed up the vision of E.S.C.S.  in providing a Christ-centred education, when he said, "All knowledge and its application should be subservient to the formation of character, the training of the will, and the drawing out of the nobler qualities of one's being.  Mere acquisition of knowledge avails little if it leaves the man himself, the inward man, undeveloped".


The school’s vision is to prepare pupils for their Kingdom role in society by:

(a) encouraging young people to walk in a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ;

(b) implanting a Biblical worldview for all aspects of life;

(c) developing Godly character;

(d) providing a Biblically integrated, quality education that enables pupils to fulfil their God-given purpose;

(e) evangelising and reaching out to the wider community;

(f) assisting those who wish to become involved or further their involvement in Christian education.


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