Each centre will distribute the examination results according to their own procedure. El Shaddai Christian School will email a password to each candidate that wrote examinations at our Centre. The password may only be used from 21 January onwards..


cambridge results on 21 january 2015


1. By Friday 16 January, candidates who wrote examinations in October / November at ESCS will receive a password and instructions on how to access their results (by email). (If you do not receive this email, please contact kanderson@escs.org.za )


2. The results will be available for candidates at 9:00 am (7:00 am UK time). Other centres may have applied for other times of release.


3. The results website will be very busy on that day - if you have problems, please do not panic and please do not request a new password from the school. Breathe deeply, relax and try again after about 5 minutes. If you still have trouble, check the website address, the user name and the password that you have typed in. Passwords are case sensitive.


4. Candidates only have access to their own results page. Print a copy of the page or save it by printing to pdf. You may then submit the online results to the admissions department of the faculty you have applied to. (The University of Stellenbosch and the University of Cape Town will have received your results already on 19 January, but it is always helpful to submit your own copy to be placed in your file.) The official hard copies will arrive at the school about a week later. The school will phone candidates and request that they collect their official statement of results.


5. If you absolutely cannot access your results, after repeated attempts, please contact the school and we'll email you a copy. However, this will only be after 12:00 midday.


6. HESA will receive the results data on 20 January 2015. Those candidates who responded to our email asking for permission to release your information to HESA, may apply for an early letter from HESA, stating that you qualify for Matriculation exemption based on the results received. In certain cases there will already have been correspondence taking place between HESA and the University, depending on certain factors.


7. Please email (to Exemption@hesa-enrol.ac.za) your application for a qualifying letter from HESA. Follow the procedure at: http://he-enrol.ac.za/e-mail-application

[Please note that this is a qualifying letter only for registration purposes. Once you receive your official hard copies of results you will need to submit them to HESA to obtain the official Matriculation Exemption Certificate. If the Matriculation Exemption Certificate is not submitted to the university where you are registered, during the first year of study (by a due date determined by the university) you may not be permitted to write your end of year examinations or your examination results may be withheld.]




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how to access the November Cambridge results


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