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cambridge international examinations written at ESCS


Cambridge International Examinations - written at El Shaddai Christian School.


ESCS students write the IGCSE examinations in Grade 10 and 11, followed by the AS Level examinations written in Grade 12.


El Shaddai Christian School also hosts private candidates for the Cambridge examinations written in June and November each year.




El Shaddai Christian School


Cambridge Exam Timetable (Nov 2018) - master pdf zone 3

Due dates for 2018

Examination fees for private candidates in 2018

Examination fees for full-time ESCS candidates in 2018

Cambridge examination rules





Please bear in mind that staff are only able to begin processing entries in July. Therefore, students who enter before July may receive an automated email immediately, but quotes will be sent from 1 July onwards.

Entry procedure:

The online form should be completed in January for the May/June exams and should be completed in July for the October /November exams. Late entries (with a penalty fee) will only be accepted for a month after closing dates for entries. Please consult our downloadable document with due dates.


Prospective examination candidates (school or private) should follow the procedure below:

  • Complete the online application form (above).
  • The school will send each candidate a quote for the cost of writing the requested examinations at ESCS.
  • Students / parents check the quote and make payment into the school's bank account by the applicable due date. Such payment indicates acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
  • Thereafter the school will send each candidate a provisional Statement of Entry in order to check entry details. Students check the details and notify the school of changes.
  • The school uploads the entries to Cambridge for candidates whose examination / tuition fees have been paid.
  • Confirmation of entry from Cambridge is forwarded to students / parents.