A gallery of all staff in the three El Shaddai schools: Pre-Primary School, Primary and High School.


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pre-primary school


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school staff gallery


Pre-Primary School
pPrAn atmosphere of excitement as the pre-primary school welcomes the new Grade 00's and 0's of 2015
Shirley Stober
Grade 0E Pre-Primary HOD
Riana Abrahams
Graad 0A
Charmaine Roodt
Grade 0E
Linda van Rhyn
Graad 0A
Theresia Suselo
Teachers' assistant

Primary School

Ilsa La Grange
Graad 1A
Nadine Barrett
Grade 1E
Monica Gerber
Graad 2A JP Discipling HOD
Catherine Goosen
Grade 2E(G)
Danielle Meintjes
Grade 2E(M)
Alieke Hoving
Graad 3A
Judy Eady
Grade 3E
Maaike Snyman
Graad 4A
Minke-Louise Badenhorst
Grade 4E
Denise Buchinger
Graad 5A
Karen Maberly
Grade 5E SP Discipling HOD
Denise Meyer
Grade 6
Marinette Kilpert
PS Cultural Officer / MDD Afrikaans Tweede Taal
Louwrika Vaandrager
PS Art & Technology HS Gr 8 Art
Annelize de Wet
Xhosa, Music & Afrikaans Eerste Taal
Jessica Daniels
PS & JHS Music
Zolani Gubuza
Sport Coordinator (PS) Physical Education
High School

Headmaster & Deputies

Biology Teacher

Stean du Toit - Biology Teacher

Teaching at ESCS since 2021

English Teacher

Liezl Cloete

DFL and class teacher of Grade 7C

Teaching at ESCS since 2020

Technical Drawing & Mathematics Teacher

Henri Luijk

Discipleship Support 

Teaching at ESCS since 2019

Travel & Tourism Teacher

Jayne Seaman

DFL and class teacher of Grade 10S

Teaching at ESCS since 2010

Xhosa Teacher

Annelize de Wet

Teaching at ESCS since 2014

Support Staff

Lizmare Lodewyk
Reception / Information
Adri Rossouw
Karen gGerman
Harold Mbanjana
(John) Siyabonga Ngqokoma
Martin Mate
Sylvia Mate
Norma Tshaka
Victor Tshaka


Lizmarรจ Lodewyk

Employed at ESCS since 2009


Adri Rossouw

Employed at ESCS since 2017


Karen German

Employed at ESCS since 2018


Sue Bishop

Employed at ESCS since 1993

General Assistant

Sylvia Matiyase

Employed at ESCS since 2011

General Assistant

Veliswa Tshaka

Employed at ESCS since 2010

General Assistant

Victor Tshaka

Employed at ESCS since 2010

General Assistant

Harold Mbanjana

Employed at ESCS since 2008

Lee Topper
Accounting & EMS; Grade 11 DFL & Register class teacher
Sune Groenewald
Afrikaans Eerste & Tweede Taal
Hannalie van Gass
Afrikaans Tweede Taal
Quirine Myburgh
Afrikaans Tweede Taal, Geography and Physical Education; LSEN Coordinator Grade 9Q DFL & Register class teacher
Desire Morton
Art & Design
Tess Rodrigues
Art & Design and Technology
Stean du Toit
Heinricht Fourie
Biology & Chemistry
Felicity Daniels
Lorette Meyer
Computer Science; HS Discipling HOD; Grade 11 DFL & Register class teacher
Mary-Ann Vorster
HS Cultural Officer and HOD
Daryl Spanneberg
EMS, Accounting, English Language & Literature Grade 10 DFL & Register teacher
Andries Brink
HS Sports Coordinator, EMS & Technical Draeing
Liza Neveling
English Language and Literature Grrade 12 DFL & Register class teacher
Phillipa Topper
English Language & Literature; Grade 12 DFL & Register class teacher; HS SChool Life HOD
Sumarie van der Walt
English Language & Literature Grade 10 DFL & Register class teacher; Outreach HOD
Lizle Cloete
English and Literature
Michelle de Klerk
English and History Grade 7 DFL & Register class teacher
Marianne Martens
Jayne Seaman
Travel & Tourism / Hospitality consultant
Jani Smith
Afrikaans Eerste Taal / Tweede taal
Kathrine Marais
Geography; HS Discipling HOD Grade 9 DFL & Register class teacher
Nicolene Sampson
Georaphy Grade 8 DFL & Register class teacher
Lizet Koen
Gerald sharp
Information Technology
Ingrid Botha
Lynn Budge
Annatjie Brand
Beth Evers
Erika Roos
Lizelle Alkema
Grade 7 - 9 Drama Dramatix

Technical Drawing & Geography Teacher

Karen Anderson - Deputy Head, Head of Academics and Cambridge Examinations

Teaching at ESCS since 1993

El Shaddai Christian School

Siebert J Myburgh
Headmaster (whole school);
James Cripps
Deputy Head (Primary & Pre-primary Schools) Information Technology
Karl Bohler
Deputy Head (Finance & Operations); Campus Operations Manager
Karen Anderson
Deputy Head (High School Academics); Cambridge Examinations Head; ICT & TD