For the convenience of those who wish to give financially to the school, donations are processed through the "GivenGain" website. This enables givers to make online payments to various school projects with ease.




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building fund

To give towards new buildings, e.g. the building of the new Pre-Primary school and other development projects....


All donations to school projects are channelled through the Educational Trust, which enables givers to claim a tax deduction. Please request a receipt on the secure payment pages below, if required.



bursary fund

To give to this fund, making it possible for ESCS to award bursaries to families who need financial assistance in meeting their fee obligations....



If you would like to give a general donation to the school through the Educational Trust, without specifying the project ....


El Shaddai Christian School

Accounting Teacher

Lee Topper - Head of Accounting & Head of Economic Management Sciences

DFL and class teacher for Grade 11T

Teaching at ESCS since 2016