Our Discipleship Vision is to:


1. Guide each student to come to a revelation knowledge of Christ.


2. To teach our students to operate under the Lordship of Christ by obeying Kingdom principles in everyday living.

3. To equip students to have an impact in the Kingdom of God in whatever sphere of life they go into.

4. To integrate the Great Commission as part of their everyday lives.



the high school discipling programme







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discipling in the high school


Discipleship Programme for 2018

High School Assembly Roster for Term 2 2018


The following strategies are used for discipleship:

  • Thought provoking presentations are presented at weekly assemblies. Topics are covered in an age-appropriate manner and address relevant issues encountered by the young people of today.  In the High School, assembly themes are covered in a three-year cycle;
    • Year 1 – Focus on relationships
    • Year 2 – Focus on instilling a Biblical World View
    • Year 3 – Focus on providing answers to tough questions (apologetics)
  • The assembly topics are re-enforced in comprehensive discussions in the Discipleship for Life lessons.
  • Bible knowledge is expanded during an extra weekly discipleship lesson in Grades 7 to 9.
  • Biblical integration in the academic, sports and cultural programmes is achieved by teaching and coaching from a Biblical perspective (God’s intended plan) in mind.
  • Outreach programmes create platforms for pupils to serve the wider community.  These outreaches sensitise the pupils to the needs of the lost, the marginalised and the poor and in doing so allow them to look beyond their own needs. 


Worship Band (Sanctified)

Students who wish to join the worship band (Sanctified) should speak to Mrs Maryke Nel.











High School Dischipleship Brochure (Download in Pdf format)

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