The El Shaddai Christian School has a well-established Music Department that fervently agrees with the following quote from J.S. Bach:


“The aim and final end of all music

Should be none other than

The Glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.”









the high school music department









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music in the high school


Music as a subject is offered in Grades 7 to 9, preparing pupils for IGCSE and AS Level Music in the Senior High School.


Music Letter 2017 (with fees information) and reply slip

HS Extra-mural Programme Term 4 2015


Tuition is available in the following instruments:

Recorder, Piano and Voice


The After Hours Music School also offers tuition after school hours. Contact person/s:   Mrs Annatjie Brand or Mrs Anita Ferreira


Guitar lessons (after hours music school)





She was chosen to play at the Tygerberg Eisteddfod Prestige Concert on September 21st, where she received prizes for “Best in 4 years tuition” in any two categories as well as “Overall Best Performance” in the flute category.


A highlight for her was being chosen to play in the Galway Flute Festival at the Baxter Theatre and the prestigious Starlight Classics Concert at Vergelegen in Somerset West in 2015. She was the youngest flautist selected and was privileged to play with Sir James and Lady Galway, who themselves are considered to be among the top flautists in the world.


She has been playing the flute for 4 years and is currently taking lessons with Liesl Stolz, a well-known flautist and a lecturer at UCT.


El Shaddai Christian School would like to applaud Zoé on her dedication and excellence towards music and look forward to many more musical achievements.


Zoé Parks Music Maestro


Zoé Parks, a Grade 8 student at El Shaddai Christian School, has dedicated herself to mastering the flute. Passionate about music, she participated in 10 different music Eistedfodds in 2016. Her achievements include 5 Cum Laudes (between 90-100%.).

Zoé says that the Eisteddfods help her to remain focussed and motivate her to continual practice and that the advice given by the adjudicators is invaluable.

El Shaddai Christian School