The El Shaddai Christian School has a well-established Music Department that fervently agrees with the following quote from J.S. Bach:


"The aim and final end of all music

​Should be none other than

​The Glory of God and the refreshment of

​the soul."


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Music in the High School 2019

Music as a subject is offered in Grades 7 to 9, preparing pupils for IGCSE and AS Level Music, which is offered as a subject in the Senior High School. The IGCSE Music course begins in mid Grade 9. Those who qualify, are able to write A Level Music in Grade 12.

Music Letter 2020 (with fees information) and reply slip

​Tuition is available in the following instruments:

Recorder, Piano and Voice.


​The After Hours Music School also offers tuition after school hours.

​Contact person/s: Mrs Annatjie Brand and Mr Ruben Kasselman


David Cyster is currently a member of the Cape Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and is studying music and piano as a subject in the Cambridge International curriculum at El Shaddai Christian School.


During April 2018 he attended master classes at the Crescendo Summer Institute of South Africa, which has opened the doors for possible overseas music studies.


David says “Crescendo was a different experience to any other master class. Not only did I experience some of the world’s best musicians teaching me valuable skills to make me a professional, but I also learned to care for my body and make the best out of every situation I am in. The most important lesson I learnt was to appreciate others more in order for me to be happy, and not to worry about their opinion of me.”

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