The El Shaddai Christian School has a well-established Music Department that fervently agrees with the following quote from J.S. Bach:


“The aim and final end of all music

Should be none other than

The Glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.”









the high school music department









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music in the high school


Music as a subject is offered in Grades 7 to 9, preparing pupils for IGCSE and AS Level Music in the Senior High School.


Music Letter 2018 (with fees information) and reply slip


Tuition is available in the following instruments:

Recorder, Piano and Voice


The After Hours Music School also offers tuition after school hours. Contact person/s:   Mrs Annatjie Brand or Mrs Anita Ferreira


Guitar lessons (after hours music school)





Big achievements for young Ricardo

Ricardo Hiniker

Ricardo Hiniker, a Grade 8 learner, amazed the audience at El Shaddai Christian School’s Ignite Concert with his talented harp playing and beautiful singing.


Ricardo’s interest in the harp started when he has 8 years old, after he had already been playing the violin for two years. Six years later and he is a musical maestro!

He is currently part of the renowned Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre, where he plays both the harp and the violin. He is trained by Valentina Vorster in violin and by Jane Theron in harp.


Ricardo is determined to become a professional musician after his schooling. His commitment and discipline towards mastering music in many forms is to be honoured.


He is pictured above playing the Strauss Waltz Medley

El Shaddai Christian School