Subject choice meetings are held at key points in a student's high school career. Advice will be given concerning subject choice, university admission and national senior certificate equivalence.


Individual appointments with students and parents are usually held at the beginning of the AS Level course, but an appointment may also be requested with the academic head to discuss subject choice whenever the need arises.










subject choices in the high school







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subject choice in the high school


Subject choice forms:


Grade 7 (2019) - to be completed online and submitted online

Grade 8 (2019) - to be completed online and submitted online


​The following forms are still to be completed offline but will be converted to online forms in the near future:

Grade 8 & the first half of Grade 9 (2018)

Grade 9 (2018) to end of Grade 10 (2019) - IGCSE

Grade 11 (2018) to end of Grade 12 (2019) - AS Level

Grade 12 (2018) - AS Level


New applicants should complete the applicable subject choice form above and submit together with the application form (see Admissions).


For more information about the individual subject syllabuses at IGCSE and AS Level, visit: Cambridge International Examinations


Subjects available up to Grade 12 Level:


English First Language (including Literature)

Afrikaans First and Second Language







Art & Design

Computer Science


Travel & Tourism

Information & Communications Technology (at IGCSE Level) - this course may be re-run in Grade 11 & 12 for students who write Core Maths in the middle of Grade 11.


El Shaddai Christian School

Accounting Teacher

Lee Topper - Head of Accounting & Head of Economic Management Sciences

Teaching at ESCS since 2016