The Junior High School is a phase in which students continue to prepare for transitioning to the Cambridge curriculum in the High School.


In the Senior High School students study the IGCSE course and the AS Level course, leading to a qualification which is both internationally recognised as well as being accepted by South African Universities.


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Valedictory Assembly 2017

Erith Budge, Kelsey Böhler
Karen Anderson, Sinéad Stark, Erith Budge


The prestigious Valedictory Assembly was held on September 21st 2017, where each Grade 12 student had an opportunity to thank their family, friends, school staff and mentors for their personal involvement in their school lives. As the Head boy rang the famous, old bell, school days were finished for the matrics, and they now concentrate on the final Cambridge AS Level examinations to be written in October and November.

Two esteemed trophies were awarded:


The All Rounder Award for achieving meritorious achievements in all 5 pillars of the school (discipling, academic, sport, culture and school life) was awarded to Kelsey Böhler and the Top Academic Dux Trophy for the Grade 12 “mock” examinations in 2017 was awarded to Sinéad Stark, who achieved an outstanding overall average of 86% in her Grade 12 “mock” examinations.


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