The Junior High School is a phase in which students continue to prepare for transitioning to the Cambridge curriculum in the High School.


In the Senior High School students study the IGCSE course and the AS Level course, leading to a qualification which is both internationally recognised as well as being accepted by South African Universities.


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El Shaddai Christian School

Legacies of Light

We were swept back in time as the high school drama club, Dramatix, showcased our first musical production, written by our very own past pupil, Justin Tancrel (assistant coach).  With brilliant choreography, well-known golden-oldies songs and an inspiring theme to carry it through, the Dramatix club members with Lizelle Alkema (Director & drama coach,) Brent Eichstadt (assistant coach) and Mary-Ann Vorster (HS Cultural Head), had the audience on the edge of their seats, laughing and crying simultaneously. The message was clear, “The legacies we leave must be the light for others to follow.”


Accounting Teacher

Lee Topper - Head of Accounting & Head of Economic Management Sciences

Teaching at ESCS since 2016