The school is not yet able to provide full aftercare. However, for those who have to wait for older siblings or lift clubs, the school offers an after-care facility for the Grade 00’s to Grade 3’s, between 13:05 and 14:25, when the rest of the school finishes.


Die skool beskik nog nie oor ‘n volle nasorgfasiliteit nie. Graad 00’s tot Graad 3’s wat vir ouer broers / susters of vir saamrygeleenthede wag, kan egter tussen 13:05 en 14:25 (wanneer die skool vir die ouer leerders sluit) by nasorg bly.





the after-care facility









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after-care for grade 00 to grade 3


After-care is only offered on Tuesdays to Fridays.

On Mondays children will be required to go to sport or to go home.


Parents will be required to register their children for after-care on a termly basis. Please read the letter below regarding the terms and conditions of after-care, before completing the applicable registration form.


Letter regarding Grades 00 to 3 After-care (30 Jan. 2015)


Registration form for Grade 00/0

Registration form for Grades 1 to 3









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