Die Pre-primêre skool bestaan uit vier klasse: twee Graad 00 klasse (4jr en word 5) en twee Graad 0 klasse (5jr en word 6).


In each Grade there is an English class and an Afrikaans class.


The class size is approximately 20 pupils.











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the pre-primary school

​die pre-primêre skool


El Shaddai Christian School

Friday 17 May 8:30 - 12:00

Saturday 18 May 9:00 - 11:00


Tel: 021 975 980

Email: admissions@escs.org.za


Karen German

School Secretary / Admissions











Pre-Primary Open Day


under the spotlight / in die kollig

Accounting Teacher

Lee Topper - Head of Accounting & Head of Economic Management Sciences

Teaching at ESCS since 2016

With a maximum of 20 pupils per class, the Pre-Primary Campus at ESCS is the ideal environment to start your child’s schooling. Tuition is offered in Afrikaans and English.