The Pre-Primary School consists of four classes: two Grade 00 classes (age 4 turning 5) and two Grade 0 classes (age 5 turning 6).


In each Grade there is an English class and an Afrikaans class.


The class size is approximately 20 pupils.











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the pre-primary school


El Shaddai Christian School

ESCS Pre-Primary Open Mornings to be held at our Pre-Primary School campus:

Friday 11 May and Saturday 12 May 2018 [08:30 until 12:00]

Friday 17 and Saturday 18 August 2018 [08:30 until 12:00]

Friday 16 and Saturday 17 November 2018 [08:30 until 12:00]



The English and Afrikaans classes at El Shaddai Christian Pre-Primary School enjoyed their annual Big Wheels Day on Friday, 4th May, 2018. The children decorated their bikes before whizzing around the school premises with great zeal and excitement.


The school is currently enjoying its 25th year birthday celebrations with many fun-filled activities.



Big Wheels Day


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