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The curriculum in the Primary School is Biblically integrated and loosely aligned to the CAPS syllabus.


Academic Goals for the Primary School:

  • To provide a Biblically integrated, quality education that enables pupils to fulfil their God-given potential and purpose
  • To be relevant
  • To be current
  • Incorporating all aspects to equip learners to function in their world
  • Ongoing teacher development as disciplers and educators
  • To partner with parents as primary educators




El Shaddai Christian School

Conquesta Olympiad Results for Primary School

Deon Johannes (PS Headmaster), Cecilia Esterhuyse, Judy Eady, Pat Swanepoel

The 2017 International benchmarking Conquesta Olympiad results were released at the end of term one. Once again The Senior Primary Academic department was placed in the Top Twenty Schools for Afrikaans and Mathematics. Additionally the Grade 6 class scored 100% pass in both Mathematics and  Language with an average of 89% and 73% respectively. These magnificent results cannot be viewed in isolation; as a Primary School, each teacher delivers work of the highest quality and pupils arrive in Grade 6 with a firm foundation. Our heartiest congratulations go to all concerned. Well done! 

Accounting Teacher

Lee Topper - Head of Accounting & Head of Economic Management Sciences

Teaching at ESCS since 2016

Grade 5 Egypt Projects