Congratulations to all our students on their excellent Cambridge examination results over the past 15 years!







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IGCSE and AS Level Cambridge examinations results 



El Shaddai Christian School

On January 10th 2018, Cambridge International Examinations released their online Matric results. El Shaddai Christian school would like to congratulate their 2017 Matriculants on an overall 100% pass rate and an outstanding set of results.


The top student in El Shaddai was Sinéad Stark with 5 distinctions and an average of 91%.

In Second place was Ezra Fielding with 5 distinctions and an average of 89%.

In third place was Kelsey Böhler with 4 distinctions and an average of 85%.


On 17 January, the first day of the new term, the Grade 11’s received the online results for the set of IGCSE examinations written in November of 2018. 


In first place was Peter Stead with an average of 94% and 6 A*'s.

In second place was Franco Hill with an average of 93% and 5 A*'s.

In third place was Zoe Bohler with an average of 91% and 4 A*'s.

The balance of the IGCSE exams will be written in June of 2018.







Sinéad Stark
Ezra Fielding
Kelsey Böhler

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