El Shaddai Christian School is an independent, co-educational, Christian school situated amongst the rolling hills of the beautiful green suburb of Durbanville, in Cape Town, South Africa.


The school is committed to the Biblical discipling of students accompanied by academic excellence.


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webenefit at el shaddai christian school

WeBenefit’s reason for existence is to do good. WeBenefit is an innovative solution to the perpetual issue of funding (the lack thereof!) for schools, NPO’s and care homes.


We recognize and subscribe to the values and objectives of El Shaddai Christian School and in entering into a true partnership, we believe, WeBenefit can contribute in a material and sustainable manner.


Our involvement with El Shaddai and the 99er Cycle Race is an opportunity to impact the community of Durbanville in the broader context. Through our partnership we hope to establish a practical model that will be replicated across the country to do good.


Visit www.webenefit.co.za


Sign up as an Individual and complete the registration form.


Select El Shaddai Christian School from the Beneficiary list.


WeBenefit will send you a confirmation email, and your profile will be activated when you click on the link provided.


WeBenefit Letter to Parents at El Shaddai Christian School

Introduction to WeBenefit

WeBenefit Leaflet

Link to WeBenefit website



WeBenefit Stationary Packs 2019 (English)

WeBenefit Stationary Packs 2019 (Afrikaans)

Stationary Pack Online Orders close on 19th October 2018.

All packs will be delivered before the close of the school year 2018.

El Shaddai Christian School

Accounting Teacher

Lee Topper - Head of Accounting & Head of Economic Management Sciences

DFL and class teacher for Grade 11T

Teaching at ESCS since 2016